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 Description : La vie d'une petite francaise qui est partie un an en Australie pour realiser un reve et qui y reste au moins un an de plus... :-)

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 Localisation : France
 Date du message : 23/09/2006
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 CV australien - ébauche#1

Bon ça a été long, surtout dur de m'y mettre ! Je l'ai envoyé à des personnes susceptibles de pouvoir me corriger, dire ce qui ne va pas etc... Si vous avez aussi des astuces à me donner, corrections à apporter à mon cv, bien sûr n'hésitez pas à me contacter, c'est un peu pour ça que je le mets ici ! Par contre la mise en forme n'est pas exactement comme celle-ci.

It was a hard labour, over all hard to start ! I send it to people who may be can correct me. If you have advises or corrections, contact me of course, that's why I put it here. However, the form here is different that in my word file...

Mélanie Massey
***** my adress *****
***** my phones *****
***** my e-mail *****
Working Holiday Visa


License Professionnelle PAC, Montpellier University, France / Sep 2004-Jun 2005
Equivalent to a third University’s year in Perfumes, Flavors and Cosmetics.

DEUST PAC, Montpellier University, France / Sep 2002-Jun 2004
Equivalent to a two year University Diploma in Perfumes, Flavors and Cosmetics at Montpellier University, France.

Lycée d’Artagnan, Nogaro, France / Sep 2001-Jun 2002
Baccalauréat in Mathematics, Physics and Biology
Equivalent of High School Certificate


GALERIES LAFAYETTE Perfumery, Tarbes, France / Sep 2006-Nov 2006
- Beauty adviser
Galeries Lafayette represent the world of fashion with 53 stores in France and one in Berlin. Each store have different spaces : fashion, beauty, home, leisure and food.
▪ Welcomed customers.
▪ Collect customers money.

RIVES Leather Shop, Velizy, France / Nov 2005-Apr 2006
- Saleswoman
RIVES is a leather shop group  of 3 shops in and near Paris.
▪ Welcomed and advised customers.
▪ Sold our products.

CARREFOUR, Chambourcy, France / Sep 2005-Nov 2005
- Cash register
The Carrefour worldwide hypermarkets offer a wide range of food and non-food products. Their shelves stock an average of 80,000 items. Floor areas of hypermarkets range from 5,000 sq.m to over 20,000 sq.m.
▪ Welcomed customers.
▪ Collect customers money.

INRA, Massy, France / Feb 2005-Jul 2005
- Research technician
INRA is the French National Institute of Agricultural Research. I worked in the UMR SCALE laboratory witch is a Mixted Research Unit of Food’s and Packing’s Chemicals Sciences. It studies the “container’s and contained’s” interactions witch have effects about the foods qualities. The subject of my work was to measure transferts of aroma coumpounds from food to packing, applied to sponge cakes and orange juice.
Orange Juice
Found relation between aroma coupounds’ retention and pulp rate.
▪ Measured partition coefficients with PRV (Phase Ratio Variation) method.
▪ Extracted aroma coupounds with SPEM (Solid Phase Microextraction) method.
▪ Measured permeation of organic vapours with headspace analysis in dynamic mode.
▪ Measured pulp rate
Sponge cake
Found eggs effects (new-laid, frozen) about sponge cakes’ structure and aroma coupounds’ retention.
▪ Used texturemeter TA.XT2i
▪ Measured partition coefficients of armoa coupouns in white eggs proteic solutions with PRV (Phase Ratio Variation) method.

CREATIVE SCENTS, Le Cannet, France / Jul 2004-Aug 2004
- Perfumer Assistant, Compounder & Researcher
Creative Scent is a perfumes compagny specialized in products’ exportation. Two perfumers create compositions for differents types of products : perfumes, soaps, candles, detergents... They have a lot of customers all around the world.
▪ In charge of perfumer’s formula weighted.
▪ Created Lily of the Valley Base and developped my own creation auround this.
▪ Made olfaction direction of naturals and synthetics raw material with Carle’s method (Roure).
▪ Made quality control of raw materials and finished products.
▪ Made differents types of perfumes’ applications: soaps, candles...
▪ In charge of samples packaging and sending for world wide customers.
▪ Created compagny’s samples list on Access.
▪ Spoke english with world wide customers and some compagny members.

GALIMARD, Grasse, France / Jul 2003-Sep 2003
- Perfumer Assistant & Sales Assistant
Galimard is one of the 3 Grasse’s famous perfumes compagny created in the 19th century. Now they are opened manufactories to customers and do visits. They have a lot of shops in Grasse, and they created the “Studio of Fragrances” where customers come to do their own perfume with perfumer’s help.
▪ Worked in the “Studio of Fragrances” to help customers create their own perfume.
▪ Made olfaction direction of naturals and synthetics raw materials.
▪ Weighted perfumer’s formula.
▪ Registered customer’s formula in ‘Studio of Fragrances’ software.
▪ Sailed Galimard’s products in the “Studio of Fragrances” shop.
▪ Spoke in front of groups.
▪ Spoke english with world wide customers.


Languages :  French : mother tongue ; English : fluent ; Spanish : Working Knowledge
Computer skills : Excellent knowledge of Word, Excel, Access, Power Point, Paint Shop Pro, Outlook, Internet Explorer, Web Expert, FTP Expert and HTML language.


Perfumes, roller, karate, music, piano, movies, computering, reading, manual works, cooking, trips.


Mme V******* D****** – Research Engineer
***** adress*****
Phone : *****
Fax : *****
E-mail : *****

M F******* MB – Creative Scents’ Perfumer
Phone : *****
Fax : *****

E-mail : ***** 


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